Sisters are close, twins are closer.They are two different people, bound and interwoven like two ripples in a pond; mixing into one. They are alike and opposite like night and day, the sun and the moon, the planets and stars. One can live with out the other, though their lives are frivolous without each other.

They are unique and special, they are one whole and two halves–sister and friend. Twins vary; each set differing from another. They define each other from the day they meet: laughing, crying, sharing secrets, and wishing for the stars, and everything out of reach.

They are one and two. They are each other, and they are none like the other. Their love and respect grows deeper; their minds a similar likeness; their bond bound in an endless circle.

Sisters are close, but twins are closer. They are bound and interwoven, they are alike and opposites. They can live without the other, but they cannot live without each other.

This one’s for you, Sonja. My twin and my friend. I love you.


3 thoughts on “Twins

  1. This pulls at my heart strings , IT makes me want to cry, sonja is so lucky to have you as a twin and your lucky to have sonja


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