Chinese Food with You, Babe.

Sweet and sour chicken, Mongolian Beef, Chicken Lomein and all the trimmings. Such a great dine-in with you, my darling. Chinese is our food, what we enjoy on a cold night; on a night with nothing to do–nothing to divert ourselves from such boring, frivolous hours of watching the tele or searching the web. We say nothing, we do nothing, but sit silently; savoring the many exotic flavors our mouths are presented with.

We look into each others eyes, smiling that exciting smile, enjoying our silent compliments, and knowing glances. A touch, a quick breathless giggle, a sigh of complete satisfaction as the night stretches on to the late midnight hour. Licking lips, batting eyes, a kiss or two, a snuggle, and a hug. Chinese food with you, babe, is more enjoyable than a night out on the town. No matter what the years ahead bring us, we will always have Chinese food.

I love you always, my darling.


2 thoughts on “Chinese Food with You, Babe.

  1. I like this one too, I like all of them, you know your grandpa would ask me what would like to eat prego when I was pregnant with tony , I tell him I want chinese food …


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