Hailee, Hailee,

Don’t you cry,

Come with Jamie,

And we’ll bake some pies.

We will have lots of fun,

Playing here under the sun.

Hailee, Hailee,

Laugh with me,

Your pretty eyes,

They sparkle with glee.

Hailee, Hailee,

Sing with me,

We’ll sing a lullaby,

Until we sleep.


The Sleep

Sleep is what I yearn for,

Sleep is what I need.

My eyes fall heavy,

My body weakens,

I call for it and plead.

Why must I lay here, gazing at the wall?

When I much rather fall asleep,

Dreaming of you most of all.

A minute, an hour…

I still lay here hour after hour.

My love, my darling.

Where have you gone?

Sleep forsakes me when you are forever gone.

His shadow, did I see,

Or was it the tree that bends and creaks?

I lay awake and wonder why you forsake me.

My love, my darling…

Days turn to months, months to years.

I still lay awake longing for the sleep,

But it is you I forever seek.

My love, my darling.

When will you come back?

Eternal sleep, I call to you,

This life is empty because of you.

My love, my darling,

Where have you gone?

The light,

I see it, just beyond.

I reach, but it runs from me,

My love, please don’t abandon me.

Soon, I will will grasp the sleep, my dear,

And then, my love, together we shall forever slumber here.