The Sleep

Sleep is what I yearn for,

Sleep is what I need.

My eyes fall heavy,

My body weakens,

I call for it and plead.

Why must I lay here, gazing at the wall?

When I much rather fall asleep,

Dreaming of you most of all.

A minute, an hour…

I still lay here hour after hour.

My love, my darling.

Where have you gone?

Sleep forsakes me when you are forever gone.

His shadow, did I see,

Or was it the tree that bends and creaks?

I lay awake and wonder why you forsake me.

My love, my darling…

Days turn to months, months to years.

I still lay awake longing for the sleep,

But it is you I forever seek.

My love, my darling.

When will you come back?

Eternal sleep, I call to you,

This life is empty because of you.

My love, my darling,

Where have you gone?

The light,

I see it, just beyond.

I reach, but it runs from me,

My love, please don’t abandon me.

Soon, I will will grasp the sleep, my dear,

And then, my love, together we shall forever slumber here.


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