My Dream Retreat

Has anyone asked you, “If you could go anywhere, where will you go?”

Well, my answer to this question is simple. Somewhere quiet (preferably near a wood) where I can write undisturbed and drink endless mounts of coffee. Of course I would want my husband and my little Curtis to come with me, but when I write, I write alone, so they will have to find something to do.

Sometime down the road, I will make such an oasis for myself–maybe somewhere up north. I would like to have a small cabin surrounded by nature where I can: practice my yoga, write, read, and relax. I wonder where I can find such a place? When I find my dream retreat, I think I will make sure it is near a lake–maybe near mountains, and the cabin must be secluded from passersby.

Yup! I see it in my mind, and it is perfect! I don’t think I can find what I imagine anywhere near here, where I live. Cities, cities, cities! You can barely see the moonlight, and that’s what I want–a place so far from the city lights that the dark earth is lit by the stars and moon.


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