Who Said You Have to Write for Hours?

Life is busy, hard, and can sometimes choke the life out of you. It seems there is always something to do or something waiting to be done. Jobs (especially the ones we hate) control most of our days and give us enough stress to make us want to throw in the towel and take a vacation every week. Add kids into the mix, pets, relatives, friends, and anyone one else who depend on you–who need a piece of your attention, and your work load will fly off the charts!

So to writers who don’t have enough time to sit, think , and type away, take a deep breath and relax. Take your To Do list into your hands and insert–at least–two small increments of writing time. I’d suggest increments of fifteen minutes, but you can set aside five or ten minutes, depending on how busy you are. And if this advice fails you, just wing it, and try to write whenever you can.

Remember, no one said you had to write for hours at a time. As long as you write something down each day, you’re doing great. Now grab your To Do list and get to planning, or if you want to wing it and have a few minutes to spare after reading this post, brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee and get crackin’ on your best-seller.



Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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