Back to the Gym


I started working out again on Monday. It feels good exercising, but I wonder how long I can keep up the routine. Last time it was about two months, and I lost twelve pounds.  Since then, I have gained it all back and more, but this time, I really want to lose at least thirty pounds. I actually prefer losing sixty pounds, which would put me where I need to  be, but setting my goal at a lower count is more practical right now.  Tomorrow, I think I will try to burn more calories than I burned today. So far this week, I have burned seven hundred and sixty calories. I think that is a good start!

Zumba crowd

Zumba crowd (Photo credit: Cimm)




To Burn or To Melt? With this Heat–Both!

Apparently it is 105 degrees outside and I have a flat. Thank God I have one of those electric things (Like my technical term?) that air up a flat tire. My tire captured a nail, so that means I will have to take it to the shop. At least, it wasn’t all the way flat.

Combining the heat and the severely bright sun is a recipe for misery. Yup, and misery has definitely found me. I hate migraines; they really are pain. (No pun intended.) I have one that is tight and radiating my skull. Well, some meds, a good nap, and peace and quiet should help. I am just thankful I made it home without burning alive outside. Everything in my car was burning hot when I got into it–even the air burned me. Next time, I will park under a tree!

My Dream Retreat

Has anyone asked you, “If you could go anywhere, where will you go?”

Well, my answer to this question is simple. Somewhere quiet (preferably near a wood) where I can write undisturbed and drink endless mounts of coffee. Of course I would want my husband and my little Curtis to come with me, but when I write, I write alone, so they will have to find something to do.

Sometime down the road, I will make such an oasis for myself–maybe somewhere up north. I would like to have a small cabin surrounded by nature where I can: practice my yoga, write, read, and relax. I wonder where I can find such a place? When I find my dream retreat, I think I will make sure it is near a lake–maybe near mountains, and the cabin must be secluded from passersby.

Yup! I see it in my mind, and it is perfect! I don’t think I can find what I imagine anywhere near here, where I live. Cities, cities, cities! You can barely see the moonlight, and that’s what I want–a place so far from the city lights that the dark earth is lit by the stars and moon.

The Heat

Today, it seems to be hot. Hotter than yesterday, hotter than the day before that, and the day before that! I went grocery shopping and from walking through the parking lot, and from walking from the car to the house, I got sunburned! I felt it burning on the tops of my cheeks. Time for me to relax, and hopefully do some writing this evening. Working on novel number two!

Chinese Food with You, Babe.

Sweet and sour chicken, Mongolian Beef, Chicken Lomein and all the trimmings. Such a great dine-in with you, my darling. Chinese is our food, what we enjoy on a cold night; on a night with nothing to do–nothing to divert ourselves from such boring, frivolous hours of watching the tele or searching the web. We say nothing, we do nothing, but sit silently; savoring the many exotic flavors our mouths are presented with.

We look into each others eyes, smiling that exciting smile, enjoying our silent compliments, and knowing glances. A touch, a quick breathless giggle, a sigh of complete satisfaction as the night stretches on to the late midnight hour. Licking lips, batting eyes, a kiss or two, a snuggle, and a hug. Chinese food with you, babe, is more enjoyable than a night out on the town. No matter what the years ahead bring us, we will always have Chinese food.

I love you always, my darling.


Sisters are close, twins are closer.They are two different people, bound and interwoven like two ripples in a pond; mixing into one. They are alike and opposite like night and day, the sun and the moon, the planets and stars. One can live with out the other, though their lives are frivolous without each other.

They are unique and special, they are one whole and two halves–sister and friend. Twins vary; each set differing from another. They define each other from the day they meet: laughing, crying, sharing secrets, and wishing for the stars, and everything out of reach.

They are one and two. They are each other, and they are none like the other. Their love and respect grows deeper; their minds a similar likeness; their bond bound in an endless circle.

Sisters are close, but twins are closer. They are bound and interwoven, they are alike and opposites. They can live without the other, but they cannot live without each other.

This one’s for you, Sonja. My twin and my friend. I love you.

Winter wonderland….

You don’t need a mountain of snow to have a mystical, wintry, wonderland. All you need is a little freeze, a little snow or sleet, a cup of hot chocolate, a lover snuggling beside you under a blanket while you watch a movie, and many many romantic episodes that fill the long, cold night. This ones for you, babe, for keeping me company all the night long! I love you, babe!



Love is what I sought, Love is what I found. It was what I fought for, for many years; what I yearned with all my being. He was my escape, my hope, my comfort, and my love. My lifeline to my heart, my angel to my soul–he was the only one who made me whole. Finally, I have him, here in my arms, here in my life. I love him, my husband, so very, very much. Such peace we have, such bright blessedness. I thank god for this man, for such a gift, a precious treasure. I love you, my darling, always forever.