Literature is a journey, a creative art some people take for granted. I know I did before I fell in love with books. Now, I can’t live without them. I am an introvert, and I love to immerse myself in fiction (and non-fiction) as life goes on without me. I prefer a book to a party, especially if that party is full of people I don’t want to talk to, and that’s usually everyone–except a few close family members and the one or two friends I don’t see anymore. Since I was a young child, books were my best friends. Outside of school, life was not perfect, and I could escape to a better world and be happy. Now that I am older, my love for literature has grown to where I write fiction of my own. So, if you share a similar story, you will enjoy this blog, so explore and read, read, read!


Writer pic

Click to view a hilarious YouTube video called “So You Want to Write a Novel”.


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